Monday, 31 March 2014

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India is A very good country in the World. India has many natural thing who's always impress people to his beauty.Welcome to our travel and wildlife photography gallery at India Nature! This collection of images of travel through wild India, extending to parts of the wider subcontinent, is dedicated to the complexity and splendour of the natural world, showcasing India’s incredible biodiversity and spectacular natural landscapes. As a wildlife-focused tour operator a distinct advantage of our work is the diverse wildlife we encounter and the stunning wilderness locations we have the opportunity to experience. This year (2012) we made the decision to begin sharing the enormous selection of images we have gathered over the years, and use this as the impetus to pursue photography as more of an integral than peripheral part of our wildlife/wilderness encounters. At India Nature we hope that our tours encourage a deeper environmental understanding, furthering the cause of conservation among visitors and local communities alike. Likewise we hope that this collection of images furthers the appreciation of India’s wild places and the species contained within, encouraging responsible and sustainable travel that has the potential to aid their protection. Most images included in these albums are our own; however some are the work of our clients, tour leaders, and friends. If you have travelled with us and would like to see your images of the tour appear here we would welcome your photographs, along with your comments or even a brief trip report to accompany them. If you would like to use any of the images on this website for commercial or non-commercial purposes please respect copyright and contact us before doing so. Images have been grouped into albums which relate either to a specific tour, or cover a specific time-frame in a particular region, arranged in reverse chronological order. The gallery can be searched to find entries relating to a specific region, species etc. Each album is accompanied by either a brief summary of the tour, or a full trip report and species checklist, providing a comprehensive information resource for wildlife travel to the region and acting as illustrated tour reports for our past clients.